A real monster celebrating in Poland! 180 kilos of the former Pride star


The punch is another next to the growing unions to fight or He walks A form of barefoot entertainment related to Sports Struggle. After this mark, the players participate in the tournament on the “roster”, that is to say they simply hit the cheek with their right hand. The fifth edition of the tournament will take place in October.

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The Brazilian monster will try to conquer Punchdown. Weight 180kg!

The next Punchdown will be by far the best of all events to date. Not only Polish players will appear, but also foreign stars. One of them will certainly be a Brazilian with a weight of 180 kilograms – Zuluzinho.

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Zuluzinho, or Wagner da Conceicao Martins, is a Brazilian veteran of mixed martial arts and jiu-jitsu. He gained popularity thanks to his performance in the famous Japanese Pride Union. He measured it in the formula Mma With characters like the previous hero UFC Fyodor Jemieljanienko or better known to Polish fans thanks to a duel with “Pudzian” in KSW Eric Esh “Baturban”. After performing during the PRIDE celebrations, the Brazilian tried on the colors of different federations, including the Brazilian. He fought his last fight in 2010. He currently competes in “list” duels in various tournaments.

“I have never struggled with such chewing before.” The KSW champion is the star of the Fame MMA party

Zuluzinho will certainly want to fight for the main prize in the tournament, but he will have to face Polish players along the way. At the start there will be a duel with Karol “BuÅ‚a” FilasiÅ„ski. In the semifinals, the Brazilian could face Punchdown’s biggest star, David “Zalesie” Zalewski. He will first have to face the Brazilian Thiago “Tiagao” Cardoso.


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