A seasoned radio actor


Rajeshwar Singh ‘Raju’
Formerly, the radio had been a craze. There is no doubt about that. Even today, FM channels are very popular, but only because of the music content. Now music heals the soul, but the music that has dominated right now is not that kind of music that will survive for a long time and have a positive impact on body and soul. Melody has been absent from musical compositions these days.
However, if we are talking about radio, then the craze hadn’t been just for music, there had also been other programs that had huge audiences even across borders.
It is a sense of pride that the radio dramas broadcast by AIR Jammu in the past have had a large number of fans in the neighboring areas within radio frequency range in Pakistan as well. These everlasting memories are still remembered by performers when a regular correspondence across the border wowed them for the efforts of the production. The writers, actors and directors felt amused by such an encouraging response. One of those established actors of yesteryear and still very active today at the age of over 93 is Jagdish Chander Bharti popularly known as J .C. Bharti.
JC Bharti from Basohli was born on November 6, 1928 in the family of Nathu Ram Abrol and Amar Devi at the home of his maternal grandparents in Chamba in Himachal Pradesh.
A prominent media personality who has proven his worth as a versatile actor in numerous plays, plays and televisions, Bharti believes that art is an innate talent. You cannot become an actor, writer, musician, singer overnight by simply having technical expertise. While artists hone their talent with the right education and training, the spark has to be there within. If the base is solid, there is no problem. He advocates that each actor opts for the theater to learn the basics of acting as his only theater that makes him a complete actor.
JC Bharti, who was Prabhakar in Hindi (1958) and Adib in Urdu (1949) retired as KAS Officer of the Accounts and Treasury Organization, Finance Department, J&K Govt . He started participating in radio plays in 1949, when the station was temporarily started in part of the Ranbir High School building. As a seasoned actor, he has more than 700 radio tracks to his credit, including over 300 Dogri language tracks broadcast by AIR Jammu & Srinagar.
He is privileged to have worked with famous radio producers like Jatinder Sharma, Vishnu Bhardwaj, Pran Kishore, Bashir Bhat, C. Parwana, KK Duggal, SKGadru, KC Manhas and Sanjeev Sharma, Shiv Mohan Sharma etc.
He started the Dogri-Pahari dialect in Dogri Plays in 1968 with Professor Santosh Sharma. The first radio drama was written and produced by Vishnu Bhardwaj, then it starred in MURGAI written by Professor Madan Mohan Sharma and produced by Vishnu Bhardwaj. Subsequently, a number of plays were produced by Vishnu Bharwdaj and C. Parwana which were adorned with the Dogri-Pahari dialect. He had been the main actor in those pieces that are still being talked about.
JC Bharti, who, although a very busy person during his service career, has always worked with dedication and devotion to art. His acting career began with Krishna Dramatic Club, Basohli when he had the opportunity to play the character of a girl in a play written by Agha Hashar Kashmiri. Then he joined the National Cultural Front, Moti Bazar Jammu in 1948 and actively participated in many plays such as Ravan, Chandershekhar Azad, Manzil Ki Taraf, And Bawa Jitto directed by Dinu Bhai Pant. Subsequently he joined the Kashmir Cultural Congress in 1954 and played an important role in another SAILAB play in 1954 and visited almost half of the Kashmir Valley staging the play in almost all major cities .
In 1962, when C. Parwana established the Jammu Arts Club in Jammu, he became an integral part of the group and worked in numerous productions under his banner. The main ones include__ Jab Tak Chamke Sona, Ashad Ka Ek Din, Kavi Ki Shadi, Koun Mata Koun Pita, Undersecretary, Insaan Jeet Gaya, Nayee Rahein, Budh Kaam Shudh, Paisa Bolta Hai, Hamsafar, Bade Aadmi etc.
Then he joined the Saraswati Dramatic Club, the Panjtirthi Jammu and played the role of Dashrath in the epic Ramayana for over 18 years. He also oversaw Ramleela’s shows as the club’s general manager for the 7-8 year olds.
In addition to theater and radio plays, JC Bharti has also worked for many TV productions for DDK Jammu, DDK Srinagar, DDK Jallandhar and DDK Kashir, etc. He, as a seasoned actor and director, admits that glamor could inspire so many to take their chances. in the field of art, but the central point remains that nothing is beyond self-judgment. One should have a self-analysis and only then try to explore its potential for a particular area.
He is of the opinion that if you are well assured that you can mark a niche in a particular medium, only then you should devote your precious time to it. Otherwise, there is no fun in wasting precious time which will only produce frustration and ultimately lead to depression. Now, if you have the potential and the courage to fight hard, why not do your best and be patient with the outcome. The talent must make itself known one day or another.
For those new to the field, he has some valuable suggestions. He advocates never being in depression for failures, because success and failure are an integral part of an artist’s life. Someday you might be at the top and on a bad day you might be nowhere. Keep your nerves alive during this crucial time and emerge victorious from the critical phase of life. We must seek lessons from athletes who rely daily on the good and bad experiences of the day.
In recognition and appreciation of his contributions to theater, radio and Doordarshan, Radio Kashmir Jammu and the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages ​​jointly awarded him a prize in a special “Jharokha” program. At the same time, he was also honored by various governmental and non-governmental organizations for his colossal contribution as an actor of all forms of expression.
In conclusion, I would like to add that the positive point of JC Bharti is that despite being a veteran and an inspiring performer with a lot of experience, he still enjoys learning and experimenting in order to hone his creative and innovative contribution, that whether as an actor or a director. He is a true representative of art in real terms that requires a humble approach and a willingness to seek more and more knowledge and expertise from all possible sources. Artists like him have been role models for the new generation.


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