Around the world with Netflix: ten foreign language hits to watch


Turn on the subtitles and sit back. Squid game is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s been a while since Netflix has had any real surprise hits, but the streaming giant recently hit that target with Squid game, a Korean thriller about cash-strapped players battling it out in a series of games for deadly children. Since its debut on September 17, Squid game broke the streamer’s records for non-English series – the show reached No. 1 in the US in just four days, faster than any other international series – and co-CEO Ted Sarandos recently revealed that the drama Survival is fast becoming the greatest service show of all time.

Yes Squid game is your first introduction to Netflix’s international library, welcome. The hit to the top of the charts is just one of the many excellent foreign language shows and movies available to stream on Netflix, so if lethal social experiences aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other options out there, romantic comedies. from teen dramas to crime thrillers. . Join us as we travel the world with ten of the most exciting recent additions to the streamer’s in-depth international catalog.

Young Royals (Sweden)

A part The crown, a part Gossip Girl, this Swedish drama follows the fictional Swedish prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) as he is sent back to a prestigious boarding school following a scandal. At first, Wilhelm refuses to accept his move, but his attitude changes when he meets Simon (Omar Rudberg), a non-boarding student from a less privileged background. As Wilhelm and Simon’s friendship turns into something more, the young prince grapples with his identity, the expectations of the royal family, and a family tragedy that turns his life completely upside down. Young Royals was recently renewed for a second season, so there’s more to come for viewers burning the addicting first six episodes of the drama.

Friend zone (France)

The best of two foreign language romantic comedies released at the end of last month, Friend zone reinvents a secular trope: an unlucky man in love regularly falls in love with women, only to be relegated to the “friend zone”. When he is rejected again, this time by his new friend Rose (Eva Danino), Thibault (Mickaël Lumière) with the baby face seeks the help of his friends, who give him a makeover from top to bottom and teach him to talk to women. It may sound like the most generic romantic comedy in the world, but a strong storyline, a true chemistry between Lumière and Danino, and a punchy soundtrack uplifting. Friend zone Above the fight.

Blood and water (South Africa)

Netflix has invested heavily in African series in recent years, with successes like Blood and water, who returned for his second season in late September. The drama set in Cape Town centers around a teenage girl (Amamkele Qamata) who is transferred to an elite school to prove that the popular star student is really her sister who was abducted at birth. But in true teenage drama fashion, Puleng’s quest leads her into a burrow of family secrets that threaten to turn her life upside down forever. The show’s dedicated fan base includes Lil Nas X and Gabrielle Union, who with enthusiasm tweeted about the show when it returns for season 2.

Skater girl (India)

While Skater girl lands on this list with an asterisk – it was co-produced in India and the US, with the dialogue split between Hindi and English – it stands out as one of the best coming-of-age movies on Netflix. Directed and co-written by Manjari Makijany, the drama is set in a remote Indian village where a local teenage girl named Prerna (Rachel Saanchita Gupta, in her onscreen debut) falls in love with skateboarding after meeting Jessica (Amrit Maghera) , a visitor in London. high advertising manager. As Prerna develops her skills, she must choose between living up to expectations or fulfilling her dream of competing in the National Skateboard Championships.

Go to paradise (South Korea)

Viewers Looking For Another K Drama After Finishing Squid game will find much to enjoy in Go to paradise, a series about a family of “trauma cleaners”. After his release from prison, Sang-gu (Lee Je-hoon) becomes the guardian of his nephew with autism spectrum disorder, Gen-ru (Tang Jun-sang), who oversees the family business of cleaning after departure. As Gen-ru deals with the arrival of his estranged uncle, Sang-gu begins to realize that there is more to work, and more to the idea of ​​family, than he thought. at the beginning.

Fever dream (Spain / Chile)

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a spooky psychological thriller, and Fever dream more than does the trick. Adapted from Samanta Schweblin’s 2014 novel, the drama begins as a young mother (María Valverde) is dying and turns to a boy to help him remember what happened. As her time goes by, the boy helps her unravel a haunting tale of obsessive jealousy, unseen danger, impending environmental disaster, and spiritual crash. As esoteric as it sounds, the real draw here is Peruvian director Claudia Llosa (The milk of pain), which brings its unique take on a thriller that critics say lives up to its title.

How to sell drugs online (fast) (Germany)

A nerdy teenager inadvertently becomes one of Europe’s biggest dealers when he starts selling ecstasy online in this hit German-language Netflix original series. Over the series’ three seasons, the most recent of which was in July, Moritz (Maximillian Mundt) made a name for himself in the industry, only to see his empire threatened by rivals, high school drama and a small annoying thing known as law. After watching the frenzy How to sell drugs online (fast), fans can finish their marathon with Shiny_Flakes: The Teenage Drug Lord, a documentary about the true story behind the scripted series.

Forever rich (Netherlands)

Who Said American Rappers All Have Fun? Forever rich stars Jonas Smulders as Richie, a promising Dutch rapper who had his watch stolen by a group of armed teenagers just before the biggest show of his career. When video of the attack goes viral, Richie decides to take revenge, but his increasingly erratic movements only make his social media nightmare worse. Set on a fateful night, Forever rich clear big Good time vibrations, so fans of the Safdie brothers should definitely check out this Dutch thriller.

Little things (India)

Filmed primarily in English (with the exception of a few phrases in Hindi), this Indian romantic comedy chronicles the ups and downs of Kavya (Mithila Palkar) and Dhruv (Dhruv Sehgal), a couple living together in Mumbai. As the two travel together, their relationship evolves, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Little things first aired on Dice Media’s YouTube page, but switched to Netflix from its second season. The comedy’s fourth and final season releases Friday, October 15 on Netflix.

In For a murder (W Jak Moderstwo) (Poland)

Our world tour ends with In For a murder, a Polish film which debuts on October 19 and shares similar DNA with that of Hulu Only the murders in the building. The crime comedy follows a stay-at-home mom and avid crime reader who becomes obsessed with a murder in her small Polish town after discovering it was linked to the disappearance of her best friend. What follows is an original story full of twists and turns that even Only murders‘Charles, Oliver and Mabel wouldn’t see it coming.

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