Bobby Racksmith’s ‘TUH’ changes the course of repetitive hip-hop with surprising hooks


Upcoming Little Rock Artist Bobby racksmith fits in as a serious contender in the current hip-hop scene with its exquisite rap flow in the new single ‘YOU H’.

With countless repetitive sounds obscuring the hip-hop genre, one artist who amazes listeners with his refreshing beats and incredible rap delivery style is Bobby racksmith. Staying true to the essence of classic hip-hop but strikingly infusing its contemporary flair to steer listeners into a new realm of hip-hop, the rapper performs with various experimental sounds that strike at once. On the latter, the prolific rapper gave a dynamic performance in his latest single ‘YOU H‘with Poppy Corleone placing him at the top of the list of contenders for 2021. His lyrical intelligence coupled with catchy rhythms and other distorted sounds give the track an addictive varnish. The track comes from his upcoming album “In Racksmith We Trust 2” and packs the punch to stand out as one of the most important rap compositions of 2021.

Bobby racksmith surprised listeners with his incredible vocal style and the two rappers perfectly blend their uniqueness to conclude things in a solid way. The artist’s vocal character shines as a major highlight and the piercing instrumental sound constantly playing in the background certainly accentuates the experience. Instead of sticking to a single vocal pitch, the prolific rapper continues to change his pace to add versatility to the astonishing hip-hop production. The song ‘YOU H’ engulfs for many reasons and the relatable verses give a clear insight into the rapper’s journey. The words are hardcore and grab attention with their clarity. Listen to the full song on Spotify and Youtube, and follow the artist on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more details.

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