Border talks between India and China fail


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Talks between Indian and Chinese military officials aimed at easing border tensions have ended in a dead end, leading to the continuation of a 17-month standoff that led to deadly clashes. The two countries will now maintain troops over the winter in areas along the de facto border known as the Real Line of Control (LAC) that separates Chinese-held and Indian-held territories from Ladakh, a territory that China claims in full. The two countries have positioned tens of thousands of soldiers, artillery, tanks and fighter jets along the LAC. Both sides are blame each other for the breakdown of talks.

“Polexit? “
Major pro-EU protests took place Sunday in cities of Poland, sparked by fears of a possible exit of the country from the European Union. It comes after Poland’s highest court ruled that the Polish constitution trumps EU law in the event of a conflict. The decision, in a case initiated by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, is seen as a rejection European principles. The European Commission and the Conservative government in Warsaw have been at odds for several years, with the EU accusing Poland of undermining the independence of the body’s judicial system. The EU is also reluctant to decide on the disbursement of post-pandemic funds.

Severe flooding in northern China’s Shanxi province was affected over 1.76 million people. Torrential rains over the past week – which in some cases were four times the average of the usual monthly rainfall – caused landslides, a dam collapse and flooding in 70 towns and districts of the province. The continued rain is also hampering rescue efforts, with some villages left underwater, trapping residents. More than 120,000 people have been transferred and resettled urgently, according to local news agencies.

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Sister of jailed Saudi humanitarian: “They already call me a terrorist”

A Saudi Arabian court upheld the 20-year prison sentence imposed on Abdulrahman al-Sadhan, a Saudi aid worker who criticized the government on Twitter, drawing a rare public rebuke from the United States in another sign of tension between the Biden administration and the Kingdom. Abdulrahman al-Sadhan’s sister Areej al-Sadhan, who has dual Saudi and US citizenship, spoke to The World host Marco Werman about the situation.

Nobel laureate Abdulrazak Gurnah brings dignity to stories of colonial dispossession, colleague says

The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Zanzibar-born writer Abdulrazak Gurnah, British writer of 10 novels and many short stories. The world has discovered the magic that is at the heart of Abdulrazak Gurnah’s project, says Bashir Abu-Manneh, head of the English department at the University of Kent, where he and Gurnah have taught together for many years.

Light point

Now you can listen to Beethoven’s once unfinished 10th Symphony – thanks to a team of Sicentists and musicians and artificial intelligence (AI). ??

AI may seem untouchable to those who don’t understand its inner workings, but it can predict musical notes just like a phone or email tries to predict text as a person.

In case you missed it

Listen: Nobel Peace Prize shines a light on freedom of expression

For the first time since 1935, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to journalists: Maria Ressa from the Philippines and Russian freelance journalist Dmitry Muratov. The award honors their efforts to protect freedom of expression against the growing threats to it. And it’s election time in Iraq, where a high-stakes parliamentary vote will take place on Sunday. The election was called a year earlier in response to the big protests of 2019. Moreover, for nearly two centuries since Ludwig van Beethoven’s death, his 10th Symphony has remained unfinished and largely intact. But with a little help from modern technology, that’s about to change.

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