Brad Pitt Skirt: Why Asexual Fashion Is One Step Closer To Ending Toxic Masculinity


A few days ago, Brad Pitt rocked a red carpet looking like a whole snack. The only unusual part about it is that he did it while wearing a skirt.

Now, Pitt is far from the first male celebrity to experiment with the traditionally “feminine” style of clothing. I’d say he was made particularly famous by real-life angel Harry Styles, who we now expect to see in gender-breaking outfits, complete with top-notch nail polish to match.

There’s also Billy Porter’s fabulous tuxedo dress moment (along with plenty of other appearances in dresses and skirts), plus a bunch of other men who are no strangers to a skirt on the red carpet. – like Jared Leto, Jaden Smith and Marc Jacobs. You hardly ever see Machine Gun Kelly without nail polish.

When you broaden the search to influencer-level celebrities, TikTok is full of gorgeous straight men who aren’t shy about playing with a traditionally “feminine” style. I mean, have you ever seen a man as sexy as this TikTok creator in a backless crop top? No you haven’t.

I’m not even including men who have worn kilts here, as they are obviously a separate category.

However, when it comes to public figures, there is no living actor considered more manly in the most common sense of the word, than Pitt. Straight women want him (like me, please) and straight men want to be him.

There’s a certain type of person who might be able to find ways to call out other male celebrities who like to don a skirt as “Queer” and somehow use that to invalidate the choice (this with which I don’t agree 100%, but we all know that opinion exists).

I’ve even seen online content creators get inundated with comments from other straight men telling them they just “bow” to women (they aren’t, but don’t be mad just because ‘they know what women want when you have ‘I haven’t a clue).

However, not even the most toxic masculinity would dare pass the same kind of judgment on Pitt.

The man was Tyler Durden, after all. He also played every character, desirable and heroic that Hollywood has to offer. That’s before we even look at his long line of relationships with Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

He’s at the top of men’s approval lists all over the world, and he wore a skirt.

In fact, I lied. Perhaps the only other man so beloved by straight people is Vin Diesel. I don’t get it, but I promise you 95% of straight men think Diesel is a woman’s dream man.

Well, somehow we all missed it, but he also had a red carpet leather skirt moment on an MTV red carpet in 2003. Not to mention rappers like P .Diddy, Kanye and 2 Chainz.

Does this mean the official end of gendered clothing, even in the mainstream? Will this mean straight men finally have more fashion options on the red carpet and a night out than a boring old suit? I think so.

Is this one more step towards the end of toxic masculinity? Let’s hope so.


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