Call of Duty: New Vanguard Update Adds Control, CDL’s Potential Third Mode


A new update for Call of Duty: The Vanguard will go live tonight at 11 p.m. CT, Sledgehammer Games has revealed.

While the bulk of the update focuses on things like bug fixes, stability, and slight tweaks, the main draw for fans of the Call of Duty League and esports will be the addition of the Control game mode. In Control, the two teams fight to capture or defend two areas without running out of respawns. It was a pillar during the Black Ops Cold War and Black Ops 4 professional seasons and could return to the CDL this year.

Because Avant-garde Launched, pro team scrims and tournaments only played two main game modes in Hardpoint and Search & Destroy. With the addition of a third mode, the CDL 2022 season takes a new step towards its realization.

It was revealed earlier today that Oxygen Esports has earned the 12th team spot in the CDL and is teaming up with Kraft Sports to field a team for the league in Boston. The soon-to-be Boston niche previously belonged to OpTic Chicago, which merged with the Dallas Empire to become OpTic Dallas.

Here’s the full list of patch notes in today’s update.



  • Using Daniel’s alternate skin will no longer crash the game

Seasonal challenges

  • The progression of seasonal challenges is now visible, active and monitored


  • Bug fixes
    • Riot Shield now blocks damage from the face and bullets do not penetrate
    • The Firefight Blueprint has been corrected to remove light coming from the front end of the barrel and parts of the optics
    • Kar98K Hunter incentive skin no longer forces the pistol to aim at iron sights instead of the attached scope
    • Top Break muzzles no longer jump when reloading
    • Loads corrected using 7 Round Mags so that the total ammo count is divisible by 7
    • Addressed several issues with charms in a QOL pass
    • Weapon animations have been tweaked and some issues have been fixed
  • Balancing
    • Challenges
      • Panzerfaust challenge has gone from destroying ariel footage to long-term kills
    • Weapons
      • Kar98k & Type 99
        • When using a lower caliber magazine, these weapons will now retain the ability of One-Shot-Kills when landing chest hits
      • Upper break
        • No longer reduces damage, but increased range reduction
      • Gorenko anti-tank rifle
        • The default range will no longer strongly obscure the player’s vision during a melee with the bayonet.
    • Attachments
      • Melee range has been reduced for Bayonet when Reach Kit Perk is applied
  • Camos
    • Double barrel
      • Fixed wording in Death Artist Challenge to say “16 Gauge Mag” instead of “12 Gauge Mag”
    • Alpha Assault Rifle
      • Camouflages now show good progression
    • M1 Garand
      • Camouflages now show good progression
  • Cross progression
    • Cold War Master Ribbons data will now be imported and reflected in Vanguard
    • Getting kills in Warzone now counts towards challenges in Vanguard


  • Mortar dam
    • Increased damage dealt by Mortar Barrage Flare
    • Mortar barrage has been modified to make deployment less difficult


  • paradise
    • Fixed several off-map exploits
    • Fixed cases of unnatural hitching when jumping against ramp walls
  • Radar
    • Fixed an issue that made some doors indestructible
    • Fixed off-map spawns and exploits
  • Desert Siege
    • Spawn adjustment to reduce instances of spawning near enemies
    • Fixed a rendering issue that caused intense fog for some players
    • The flickering texture issues have been fixed in several places
  • Bocage
    • Fixed bullet penetration issues for some walls
    • MK2 Frag Grenade explosion radius no longer affects players who should be protected by walls
  • Red Star
    • Fixed a bug that caused player-following lighting effects like a spotlight around the map
  • Berlin
    • Inconvenient and graphically incorrect shadows no longer appear under light fixtures
  • Numa Numa
    • Removed invisible geo in Numa Numa which blocked balls in the air
  • Gavutu
    • Fixed an issue where an invisible wall would remain after being destroyed
  • Demanysk
    • Demolition and Tactician perks now work as intended
  • Sous Pens, Castle, Oasis, Das Haus
    • Fixed off-map exploits


  • Control
  • Hill of champions
    • Players will no longer leave Champion Hill Duos, which will cause the entire game to close.
    • Players can now access the dashboard and spectator mode


  • Users will no longer get errors saying they don’t have Crossplay permission when trying to add other consoles to a party
  • Flairs now appear at each Prestige level, and XP bars should reflect Prestige progression
  • Duplicate Prestige icons have been fixed


  • Fixed a progression blocker in Lady Nightingale level caused by an unresponsive character



  • Purge
    • Visibility has improved in low light areas, making it visually clearer when capturing Control Runes.
    • Progress bar no longer overlaps various notifications like completed challenges, rank increases, weapon level increases, etc.
    • Professor Krafft will now acknowledge the completion of the Purge objective.


  • Sulfur
    • Sulfur no longer damages zombies when the player is down.
    • Brimstone has been adjusted to only deal damage to zombies that are in the player’s line of sight.
  • Precise death
    • Launchers now work as intended with the Dead Accurate Covenant.
  • Quick revenge
    • Updated the description of Swift Vengeance to reflect that only weapon damage is increased with use of this Pact.
    • Knives now work as intended with the Swift Vengeance Covenant.


  • Fixed an issue where weapons obtained from crates would briefly display the wrong model when dropped.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mystery Box weapons would spawn with their magazine detached from the weapon.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from loading into a match with their preferred custom reticle.
  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly identified some caster damage as critical hits.


  • Portals will now offer players the option to visit each destination before giving the option to return to the same location.
  • Closed various exploits that prevented players from taking damage from zombies.


  • Melee Camo challenges have been adjusted to count kills, not kills, with the exception of Sturmkrieger challenges.

user interface

  • Zone names have been added where they were missing from the map.
  • The game scoreboard now shows the player in the correct ranking.
  • Addresses an issue with the Dashboard UI overlapping.


  • Resolved an issue in which Operator and Announcer voice communications could compete with each other.

Subtitles / Text

  • Several fixes for subtitles when players select the English language setting.
  • Several fixes for voice lines and subtitles when players select the German language setting.
  • Several fixes for text descriptions when players select the Brazilian Portuguese language setting.
  • Several fixes for subtitles when players select the Polish language setting.


  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause a player to return to the Zombies main menu when copying and replacing loadouts.
  • Various stability fixes.


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