‘Crazy respect for her’: Adele stops gig halfway to help sick fan


The Hyde Park stage saw a particular turn of events on Friday night when Grammy-winning singer Adele, performing for the first time in the UK since 2017, interrupted her show halfway through to help a sick fan who needed help, asking for security to find them and take them to safety. There ‘Hit rock bottom the singer had just started performing the James Bond hit celestial fall when she noticed the commotion. She immediately raised her hands and said:

“Wait, stop, stop.” She then asked fans: “Security? Do you need help from security?”

She then led the concert team, “Right in the middle there, can you see where they’re all waving?” Can you see there? Can you get in there? » She also continued to reassure those in distress: “They’re coming, they’re coming, they’re coming now,” while asking others to “to make room”.

She only resumed her performance after she was sure the ventilator had been brought to safety.

Adele at the Hyde Park gig

Fans have ‘crazy respect’ for Adele

As Adele helped the distressed fan, the crowd roared in unison in applause for the singer’s beautiful gesture. She not only asked security to help her, but personally went to the scene to make sure the person was okay and was properly secured.

Fans applaud Adele for the nice gesture

Fans took to Twitter to congratulate the British singer.

Adele’s heartfelt actions brought back a bad memory

Travis Scott
Travis Scott’s infamous Astroworld concert

This incident brought to mind the infamous Travis Scott Astroworld concert of 2021, where a commotion led to the death of 9 attendees and many others seriously injured.

Around 50,000 fans were attending Travis Scott’s concert when suddenly an upsurge of people started moving towards the stage, resulting in a wild stampede and subsequent casualties and injuries.

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Since the tragic incident, fans have become more receptive to the artists’ sensitivity to the audience during their performances.

However, some people believe Adele’s actions were just a way to avoid a lawsuit that could result in injury or loss to fans.

Meanwhile, special people in the audience cheering the Hello The singer included Adele’s son Angelo, Tom Cruise and James Corden.

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