Expect great performances, drinks and food at Youngstown’s newest attraction, The Valley Speakeasy


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – There’s a new place on the north side of Youngstown where you can grab a bite to eat, drink, and listen to music. We stopped for their smooth opening ahead of their grand opening to find out what makes The Valley Speakeasy the perfect place on Belmont Avenue.

Ahead you will still see the sign for Crabby Bob’s. It’s only there until the new signage is installed, but that almost plays into the name of the new restaurant.

“We’re hidden in Crabby Bob’s,” said Nick Ludban, Managing Director of The Valley Speakeasy.

No password is required to enter, but you should be prepared to have a good time when you walk through these doors.

With stage lights, a stocked bar and food on the tables, The Valley Speakeasy is already a hit with customers.

“I think The Valley Speakeasy is taking it up a notch. A really cool vibe here. The food is amazing, ”said customer Greg Chopko.

On the menu, home cooking that draws on the cultures of the Valley. There are Polish dishes, pastas and local desserts from Abigail’s Bakery in Austintown.

“A lot of appetizers come out the door, we have a Bloody Mary appetizer that’s hitting the charts,” Ludban said. “We were trying to stay as much as possible in our roots by using local bakeries, using our local breweries. We want to stay local because we got here.

But the main attraction, aside from the craft cocktails, is the stage, where you’ll hear talent from Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Columbus.

“I am really excited about live music. A place where you can hang out, have a drink and listen to music, ”said client Courtney Nelson.

“We were thrilled to bring live entertainment to Belmont. Belmont at the time was the place to go. I think we could be one of the catalysts to bring Belmont back to life, ”Ludban said.

But if there’s no password to enter, what makes it a sweatshop?

“When talking about password, no password is required to enter, but there is a password for a secret wine list, so keep your ears open,” Ludban said.

Already they are booked for reservations when they grand opening on Friday when Dueling Pianos is ready to play. They are ready for a busy night and many more to come.

“Almost 70-80 people already reserved for Dueling Pianos. So if you are planning to come here and see them, get there early. They start at 8 pm, ”Ludban said.

We asked if there were any concerns since this building has seen more than one restaurant in the past five years. Ludban said it hadn’t even crossed his mind.

The Valley Speakeasy will have live music Thursday through Sunday each week. They will also have Quiz Nights, Queen of Hearts and Industry Nights coming up.


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