From friend to friend: your manicure will be so much more chic with this color addition


Black nail polish will forever be a staple of our kits, it’s a hard and cold fact. Does the mysterious shade have a certain reputation? Yes, but that does not prevent us from wanting to wear it on a daily basis.

We don’t just like all old black polish either, the ones that really stand out feature an epic design. Black really is the chicest shade – it adds a touch of secrecy to any outfit and finds a way to work for everyone. Even if you don’t like an all-black straight look, adding just a touch of it to your nails will elevate them to whole new heights. Whether you want to use a little Halloween inspiration or just want to push things to the limit, find the perfect black nail design inspiration below.

A marble finish always looks great, whether it’s on your bathroom floor or on your nails.

At least one or more nails deserve the star treatment. A simple smiley can improve the mood.

A glittery black nail serves as celebratory energy on a silver platter.

This intricate black and white design might not be easy to create on your own, but we’re sure you’ll find a manicurist or nail artist who can help.

We recognize that not all black is everyone’s cup of tea, but you can always add it to a colorful look for more pop.

I mean, the rings really showcased him, didn’t they? Muted tuxedo nails pair well with any hand jewelry.

3D nail art is more than cool. If you have the skills, bring your black polish to life for a look that is exclusive to you.

Another for those who fall into the “no plain black” camp.

This galaxy style yin and yang design is * the chef’s kiss. *

Bubbles are such an easy way to upgrade a solid black nail. The color options are entirely up to you.

Mixing shades of black and brown is so simple, yet so elegant. For a layered effect, try it yourself.

Floral designs never go out of style, especially when they look so edgy.

This is serious art deco magic and we are here for that.

If you’re brave enough, try whipping a black butterfly on a bare nail.

And we can’t forget the constellation nails. So cute for any occasion.

For easy black nail designs, try a Pop On manicure or create your own:

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