Last minute luxury gifts under $ 150


The holidays are fast approaching this year. We’ve been economically and financially distracted by things like the metaverse, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, the supply chain, and shipping shortages. Consumer goods like the iPhone 13 Pro are out of stock, but high-end products are still in demand. Consider a gift with so much flair in your run for that last-minute luxury gift.

You may or may not look further than a few simple items that can be found in store or are probably in stock at the nearest warehouse and can be shipped in time for our day of “unboxing” – gifts. Think of candles, socks, warm hats, or a good scent. Items like these are considerably cheaper on average in the luxury market. When made with some of the world’s finest materials and with the highest standard of care, these items have intrinsic value. You will be the giver with sophistication.

Even if time is not on your side, a luxury gift is a great last minute gift. Give an object that you can see and feel, elevates your sartorial dialogue or increases your quality of life. Understand who you want to buy for and what that person means to you. A luxury item can go a long way in someone’s life. Luxury is made to last – undeniably.

Here are some luxury gift ideas for $ 150 and under – or so. Make no mistake about it, you can shop for luxury at affordable prices when you explore other renowned brands with access to luxury manufacturers and producers.

Unifrom: Blackcurrant Perfume Oil – € 48 [$54 USD]

The Swedish perfume brand was founded on the scent of culture and ethnicity in the tallest structures of buildings that house non-indigenous ethnicities in downtown Stockholm. Child of an immigrant family from Eritrea, Haisam Mohammed founded Unide on traditional perfumes, aromas and fragrances. Unifrom uses essences of plum, coconut, fig and sandalwood. Roll-on Perfume Oil is a green scent reminiscent of the earthy smells of a paradise discovered with scents in solid wax form, as well, which is convenient.

Am I: Beanie Heart Friend 140 $

The Amie De Coeur beanie Am i makes a great Christmas stocking, it’s one of those great gifts to give. The merino wool beanie has a ribbed knit finish for a perfect fit. Parisian brand Ami is also expanding in the United States with a new flagship store at 77 Greene Street in New York’s fashionable Soho district. The 2,000 square foot space will offer a wide range of products, including men’s clothing, women’s clothing and accessories. Along with the main Fall-Winter 21 collections, customers can exclusively purchase pieces from the second artistic drop Ami de Coeur, a collaboration with New York artist Kevin Lyons.

Rick Owens: Legaspi [Book] $ 75

The Coffee Table Book on Larry Legaspi chronicles his design theory and aesthetics from his early years in the 70s. Legaspi is best known for conjuring up signature designs for musical acts like To kiss, Grace Jones, George clinton and Funkadelic, Divin. He dressed and styled many other famous artists during the 1970s and 1980s. Legaspi is an inspiration for Rick owens, creating space-age looks in leather and other materials that hug or drape over the body.

HERON PRESTON: New Multichain Silver & Orange Bracelet $ 69 [original price $135]

the HERON PRESTON The curb bracelet in brass and mixed zamak is available in a silver and orange accent. A logo-marked lobster clasp secures the 9 inch accessory to your wrist. Heron Preston designed from a unique industrious perspective using upcycling. The DIY designer expresses the idea of ​​industrial design in the brushed steel link bracelet, made in Italy.

TO VERIFY : Serengeti Scented Candle $ 79

VEERT is literally green everywhere and has great options to gift other than their famous jewelry. Their candles have notes of amber, bamboo, tuberose and pink sugar in a 240ml scented candle. Made with innovative, clean-burning, food-grade certified coconut oil, VEERT has one of the first products on the market with a sustainable wax alternative. The wax burns cleanly while releasing an undisturbed natural scent and avoids collecting soot. The candle will burn for approximately 60 hours.

By Kilian: Holiday miniatures set $ 165

Kilian Hennessey is heir to a long line of cognac makers and pioneers in the luxury market. Kilian will follow his family tradition and found ‘By Kilian. ‘ He created a fragrance that embodies the tasting rituals and the essence of the ingredients. This holiday gift set includes five miniature decanters, each filled with 10ml of KILIAN scent. Each bottle is engraved with the iconic K on either side with five scents, each titled, Angels’ Share, Roses on Ice, L’Heure Verte, Apple Brandy on the Rocks, Vodka on the Rocks. Instead of bringing an expensive bottle as a gift, try a cologne blend from your favorite drink makers.

Philippe K: Cashmere scarf 140 $

Nothing like giving a scarf during the holidays. Founded in 1993, Filippa K built the brand on conscious production and Scandinavian design. the Philippe K the cashmere scarf is a blend of recycled wool and cashmere, woven in the heart of Italy and designed in Stockholm, Sweden. The 200cm long scarf uses less chemicals and less water in production.

AMIRI: Flyknit Face Mask Black $ 120

the Amiri label can be seen on countless rappers and athletes. Musical artists like J. Balvin are styled by the founder, Mike Amiri, adding to the brand cache. The speckled mesh face mask is an “essential” gift. Amiri’s version of the face mask is as bad as her rock-n-roll-inspired fashion pieces. A luxury to be considered as a gift as the COVID variants persist.

SAINT LAURENT: Metal ID Money Clip $ 175

We may all be aware of the cross-cutting effects of the Internet and the metaverse on the horizon. Digital currencies of all kinds are on the rise. But, money is still king. And it still exists and still has transferable value within society. Have a more sophisticated way of storing your money. Made in Italy, the bronze metal hardware has an engraving with the name of Saint Laurent on the surface of the money clip.

Casablanca: Small Dream House silk scarf € 125 [$140]

This 100% silk scarf offers an idyllic view of the Casablanca House with large arched windows and Casablanca iconography harmoniously placed in the frame. The Scarf Dalmatian looks like he’s about to pour you a drink, but this gift fits the taste of a stylish person who dreams of plush hobbies.

V. Bellan: Amari Diamond Ring $ 129

The V. Bellan Diamond Amari ring is available in either brass or sterling silver base metal, with an option of 18k yellow gold or rhodium silver plated. These exquisite rings are made in New York with a highly polished finish. the V. Bellan jewelry line is gender-neutral and designed in Brooklyn for a classic, aesthetic gift.

Hawthorn: The Sandalwood collection $ 115

Sandalwood has been used as a natural remedy for generations, inhibiting mental clarity. The luxurious, woody and earthy scent has been readily available to consumers in recent years. Hawthorn provides the perfect gift set for someone looking to indulge in the calm and sophistication of aromas. The Sandalwood collection offers a variety of products for consumer use. The 4-piece set includes the Soft and Airy Sandalwood Eau de Cologne, Green Sandalwood Shaving Gel, Avocado Seed Thickening Clay, and Smoked Sandalwood and Leather Candle.

Good Perfumer: Eau de parfum 101 $ 103

With notes of rose, sweet peas and white cedar, this scent simulates Paris at dawn, when the streets are empty and free to roam the sidewalks laden with shops. Fortunately, you can order this bottle online. the Good Perfumer The perfume brand aims to create a moment with its aromas and the 101 contains natural rose essential oil and the absolute, so there is no denying its intensity.

PANGAIE: Vegetable leather wallet $ 120

Giving flowers for a holiday gift is dull for this time of year. So why not offer something herbal? Made from 100% sustainable bio-based leather called ‘MIRIUM’, the Pangea the leather wallet has a natural sheen and is smooth to the touch. The wallet has plenty of room for all your cards, cash, and anything else you can zip up and secure your items inside. Bio-based leather is a fresh composition of 47% natural rubber, 25% vegetable and mineral fillers and 28% natural waxes and oils.

Scent of the better world: Winter heat $ 48

This new fragrance from the Better World Fragrance brand has a lovely blend of fruit, mint, apples, a sweet musk, with undertones of strawberry and balm to deliver a comfortable and captivating winter aroma. This scent serves as a trip down memory lane to the holidays while reminding you of a winter stroll down a city street, as the brand suggests. the Winter Warm Holiday Scent adds to the five aromas that BWF has created throughout the year.


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