Machine Gun Kelly opens up about emotional vulnerability on show


Machine Gun Kelly has been in the headlines lately, mostly for his professional and personal accomplishments. However, that’s not to say the musician doesn’t have a bad day, and he opened up about his emotional vulnerability in an episode of The Drew Barrymore Show.

“I think I’m new to vulnerability outside of songs. I see a lot of pictures of myself and there are smiles on them,” the rocker said, painting Barrymore’s nails with his new line of nail polish UN / DN. “It’s just weird because I wasn’t feeling well at all that day and I’m kinda fed up with smiling on the days when I don’t feel like smiling.”

“And I feel this weird pressure because I don’t want my fans to think I’m taking something for granted, so if I take an award and I’m super smiley but behind the scenes I was really … there things were happening, “he continued. “I don’t know, a lot of what I do is for other people, and I haven’t given myself time to accept that there is nothing wrong with not being well.”

MGK tried to digress afterwards, and Barrymore confessed that she liked him much more after hearing him mentally expose himself.

“I don’t know who I am,” Kelly later confessed, which is shown in the episode’s full airing. “I don’t know what’s out there besides the paper and the pen, and the recordings that I make. It’s who I’ve always been comfortable with.”

Although he has confirmed that the songs he writes and the stories in his lyrics are a part of who he is, he doesn’t want his entire existence to be tied to the songs themselves, as he is still a human apart. of his music.

Fortunately, Kelly added that his girlfriend, actress Megan Fox, is one of the most compassionate people he has ever met and that she is very supportive of him during his darkest times.

Watch the two videos below – you’ll even see an appearance of that of the exorcist Regan MacNeil.

Machine Gun Kelly opens up about emotional vulnerability

Kelly machine gun on The Drew Barrymore Show

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