MMA Depressed-us: A Very Mariusz Pudzianowski Christmas


With the UFC taking a long vacation break, MMA Depressed-us is expected to work overtime. And to start this three-week episode series, we face off against one of the biggest stars in Polish MMA. Former strongest man in the world: Mariusz Pudzianowski.

What initially seemed like a vanity project for “Pudzian” has evolved into a decade-long fighting career for the multi-champion strongman. Over the years he has faced many of the industry’s biggest and weirdest monster fighting competitors, all while thriving under the KSW banner.

For this week’s show, we’ve selected four fights, covering his time inside the cage. Starting with the 3rd pro fight of Pudzian (and fight only outside Europe), to 9:11 with Moosin: God of Martial arts, vs. former UFC champion Tim Sylvia. From there we jump 3.5 years into the future, for one of the few claimed decision wins over Pudzianowski’s record at 36:40: his KSW 29 fight against former PRIDE talent Pawel Nastula. After that, we watch a late career Pudzian, at KSW 61, against tournament winner Łukasz Jurkowski at 56:50. And finally, to end on an exciting note, we go back to 2010 and KSW 14, for Pudzianowski vs. Butterbean at 1:15:02.

Unlike our normal shows, this time we are watching all the fights on YouTube. However, as always, we’ll be starting each video from the beginning. So if you want to watch with us just hit play when Zane says “go”. If you’re watching the fights on another platform, Connor will try to announce the start of Round 1, so you can sync your video from there.

June M. Williams

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Happy Holidays from the entire Bloody Elbow Presents Podcast Network team!
June M. Williams


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