News summary: Slovakia reports more than 1,000 hospitalizations for Covid


A deputy cyberbullyed the president’s daughter, according to police. Slovakia has donated more than 700,000 vaccines. The famous Slovak opera diva has passed away.

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The hooligans who took over the football game were organized

Polish hooligans bragging on social media about how they train martial arts and then test their skills on the streets attended the October 17 soccer match in Trnava.

Police and the intelligence agency of the Slovak Information Service (SIS) claim to follow groups of hooligans and share information with neighboring countries. They did not provide any explanation as to who made the error in this case.

The police have not yet filed a complaint. They have subpoenaed camera recordings and are trying to find out the names of the hooligans. They only said the incident was a failure of the organizer.

Acting police chief Å tefan Hamran has promised he will focus on football hooligans.

MP exposes minor to online teasing

Unaffiliated MP Tomáš Taraba exposed President’s 17-year-old daughter Zuzana ÄŒaputová to being teased on Facebook for her appearance at the recently staged fashion show in Bratislava.

He posted his photo on his Facebook account, with the comment that Slovakia will soon have a new top model.

In a discussion below the photo, people commented on her appearance. Yet there were many who were disgusted with his behavior.

The president herself responded, saying Taraba should leave her children out of political disputes. Police went even further, calling their activity cyberbullying.

Taraba was quick to post a response video online, claiming that he didn’t want to make fun of the president’s daughter and that he is in fact the one being bullied.

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News about the coronavirus and vaccination

  • 1797 people were newly diagnosed positive for Covid out of 12,160 PCR tests carried out on October 18. Ten more deaths were reported on Monday. The vaccination rate is 45.17%; 2,484,406 people received the first dose of the vaccine. More statistics on Covid-19 in Slovakia here.
  • The number of patients hospitalized compared to the Covid a exceeded 1000 for the first time since the start of the third pandemic wave; there are 1,056 patients, of which 18% are fully vaccinated. Others are either unvaccinated or partially vaccinated.
  • Slovakia donated 770,000 Covid vaccines by AstraZeneca until there. The country sent 60,000 vaccines to Ukraine, 10,000 to Montenegro, 160,000 to Taiwan and Kenya, 280,000 to Rwanda and 100,000 to Vietnam.
  • Bratislava University Hospital and Louis Pasteur University Hospital in KoÅ¡ice have decided to postpone some planned surgeries, given the increase in the number of hospitalized Covid patients.
  • 7,893 people have signed up for vaccination with the third booster against Covid, according to the National Health Information Center (NCZI).

Picture of the day

People dissatisfied with the proposed amendment to abortion legislation marched through the streets of Bratislava and other Slovak cities on Monday evening. The amendment seeks to restrict access to abortion, which will be discussed at second reading during the October session (which started today). Human Rights Commissioner Dunja Mijatović voiced her concerns, even sending a letter to Slovak MPs.

Interview for today

Three-time Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Apuzzo will travel to Bratislava in a week, where he will give a public lecture.

In an interview with The Slovak Spectator, he said that you can criticize journalists, but calling them enemies goes too far.

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In other news

  • World famous Slovak Opera diva Edita Gruberová dies in Zurich at the age of 74. She made her debut at the Vienna State Opera in 1970 and ended her career in 2019.
  • Non-governmental organizations Transparency International Slovakia, INEKO, Slovensko.Digital and Let’s Stop Corruption Foundation called on the government to keep its promise of open selection procedures. They criticize the choice of the new director of the Antimonopoly Office and the recent appointment of a new president of the Slovak Land Fund.
  • The US Steel KoÅ¡ice (USSK) plans a two-month shutdown of its No. 1 blast furnace. The furnace shutdown is not linked to energy prices, as USSK spokesman Ján Bača said, but to planned maintenance work. The repair is expected to begin in November and last for two months. The furnace is expected to be back into service in January 2022, he added for the SITA newswire.
  • Over 555,000 cars have been produced in Slovakia in the first half of 2021, which the Automobile Industry Association (ZAP) considers a very good result, given the current situation. In the first six months of 2019, Slovak car manufacturers produced more than 615,000 vehicles in the same period, while in the pandemic year of 2020 it was over 420,000 cars. .
  • The classification of small and medium-sized businesses with the healthiest growth, Slovak Business Diamonds 2021, was published by Enterprise Investors and Forbes magazine in cooperation with Finstat and PwC. The ranking assesses companies without foreign capital. In terms of individual regions, the ranking was dominated by Pixel Federation from Bratislava, Pharmagal-Bio from Nitra, Hyperia from Žilina and Slovakia Trend Export-Import from Sobrance.

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