Popster Collin Clowes captures the moments that matter in “Polaroid”


Canadian singer-songwriter Collin Clowes captures the moments that matter in his evocative new single, “Polaroid” – available now.

The new single from the debut EP, Sleepy, the seven song release in 2021 is a collection of heartwarming songs that feature delicate instrumental compositions over meaningful lyrics to create a sound that’s as familiar as it is new. This musical body is the singular vision of Clowes, who not only plays each instrument, but also works through a painstaking effort of production, mixing and mastering.

Persistence, along with a steadfast commitment to the music creation process, sets artist Collin Clowes in a league of their own. The production value and rhythmic polish of the EP is more typically associated with high-value teams of musicians and producers, not with the debut of a single artist, and Clowes ear for pop melodies and the multi-layered vocals reveal a mature sound texture. beyond his years.

The touching lyrics of “Polaroid” are a vivid example of Clowes’ ability to tell stories that go far beyond the superficiality that seems central in media.

“Look around, tell me what you see,
Are there any fragmented memories stained on your sleeves,
Or did I leave here way too soon?
You took a Polaroid photo to capture your past,
you wear it closer because nothing really lasts now, does it? “

The complexity of our memories and our taste for better days are elegantly expressed in melancholic sounds and lyrics that give the song a sense of timelessness. The thoughtfulness employed in every musical endeavor reflects the perspective that Clowes brings to life. Each decision taken on the EP demonstrates exceptional depth and authenticity, welcoming and relevant.

A multi-talented artist from Gorham / Thunder Bay, Ontario, Collin Clowes exudes a true sense of artistic compassion that effortlessly translates into all aspects of his musical debut.

After constant health battles from the age of 17, Clowes made the decision to devote his time to making the music he wanted. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Clowes decided to start planning for what is now the Sleepy EP. In his bedroom studio, he would acquire the skills to realize his unique vision of pop music through countless hours of musical trial and error.

This EP is dedicated to Clowes’ faithful companion and best friend – her dog, June. It is said that when a person saves an animal, the reverse also occurs; this was the case with his beloved June. Endlessly loved by Clowes, June was his biggest supporter, helping him through countless nights of hard work throughout the production of Sleepy.

Collin Clowes’ sensational single, “Polaroid”, from his debut EP, Sleepy, is out now.


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