Project_Hel DLC for Ghostrunner features one of the game’s bosses


When Ghostrunner released last year, many players were impressed with the game’s fast and intensive gameplay. That said, the campaign lasts around six to eight hours for the average player, and although the challenge feels like that long execution is more than warranted, some may want more content to bite into. Fortunately, developers One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks have these players covered, as they plan to release a heavy DLC expansion for Ghostrunner, titled Project_Hel, on January 27, 2022.

This new DLC sees players slicing and dicing like Hel, one of the base game’s bosses, who aims to descend through the “Dharma Tower” on his own bloody quest. According to the developers, the DLC intends to cater to both newcomers and veterans alike, as Hel can withstand an extra hit and has a more combat-oriented toolbox.

What does all the DLC have?

The Project_Hel DLC was originally planned as a smaller update, but it has blossomed “into a true Ghostrunner live. ”And judging by the features it announced, the DLC certainly feels like it could serve as a little standalone game on its own. In total, the expansion includes six new stages, all of which feature new enemies and bosses. In addition, Hel comes with its own progression system, and the expansion includes six new music tracks composed by electronic artist Daniel Deluxe.

In short, the new Project_Hel expansion seems to have a lot to offer, and it should give fans of Ghostrunner lots of incentives to get back into the game and hone their skills. Ahead of its official release, however, players have the option of signing up for the expansion’s private beta, which the developers plan to host before the end of this year.


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