Sebastian Kalinowski murder: mum and partner found guilty of torturing 15-year-old boy to death


Warning: graphic content

A 15-year-old Polish boy was beaten, tortured and murdered by his mother and her partner on August 13, 2021. The duo were found guilty of the crime on July 22. Sebastian Kalinowski, 15, died in Huddersfield of organ failure. following sepsis caused by several untreated fractured ribs. The victim was tortured by his mother, Agnieszka Kalinowska, 35, and her steroid-using partner, Andrezej Latoszewski, 38. This heinous crime was captured by a CCTV camera, which was installed by the suspects to keep tabs on Sebastian.


At Leeds Crown Court, a jury heard evidence of how Sebastian’s mother and her companion pierced him with a needle, beat him with a plank of wood and whipped him with an extension cord. As punishment for leaving crumbs on his bedroom floor or for using the restroom late at night, he was force-fed and forced to do severe physical exercise.



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Police confiscated CCTV cameras from the couple’s home in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, after the pair were arrested in connection with Sebastian’s murder. According to the prosecution, the cameras were installed in part to monitor and impose control on Sebastian.

In surveillance footage, Latoszewski, who is a bodybuilder and martial artist, was shown pushing food and drink into Sebastian’s mouth the day before he died. The video also showed him stabbing Sebastian multiple times with a needle through his crotch and thigh. Performing this cruel act, Latoszewski laughed, United Kingdom Metro reported.

On Friday August 13, 2021, paramedics arrived at their home in West Yorkshire and discovered Sebastian was unresponsive. He was left in the cold for about three hours before help arrived. Unfortunately, he did not survive. The prosecution claimed that Sebastian’s serious injuries – including open wounds on his buttocks and several broken ribs – were what led to his ultimate death.


Both Kalinowska and Latoszewski had denied murder, although she admitted child cruelty and he admitted manslaughter. But after a five-week trial at Leeds Crown Court, a jury found them both guilty of Sebastian’s murder.

The jury was previously told that when Kalinowska was detained before trial, she accepted Latoszewski’s marriage proposal. When Latoszewski proposed to her from his prison cell, Kalinowska accepted him, saying she would marry him anywhere, even in a tracksuit. Despite the crime she committed, she said she had too many fond memories with Latoszewski.


“Every night I fall asleep and look up at the sky and I know you’re somewhere far away. Keep your head up, be strong. Remember you got me. I’m yours forever,” reportedly she says.

Andrzej Latoszewski and Agnieszka Kalinowska (Credit: Facebook)


The prosecution had previously shown the jury gruesome CCTV footage of the couple’s residence. Videos of instances where Sebastian was repeatedly punched, kicked and stomped were shown. He was shown being whipped with a wire in a video.

Given the nature of the clips jurors had to attend, the judge, Judge Lambert DBE, took the rare step of relieving all jurors of their further duties. The judge told the jury: “Your commitment and dedication to this case has been truly extraordinary; it really is. You had to endure some pretty horrific footage of Sebastian in great pain for a while and then of his death. May I personally thank you for all of your hard work, dedication and patience over the past six weeks.”

Sebastian had only been in England for a little over a year when he left Poland, where he lived with his biological father. The court was told that Sebastian attended North Huddersfield Trust School and was an excellent student.

“Sebastian was happy at NHTS,” said director Andrew Fell, adding, “His spoken English has improved dramatically, helping him to transition from an initially shy student to one with much more confidence and a strong circle. Caring, intelligent and fun-loving, he will be remembered for his charming smile, sharp sense of humor and kindness. treating others with respect and showing a determination to get the most out of his education. Our close-knit school community is deeply saddened by the loss of Sebastian.”


According to court testimony, Sebastian arrived at Huddersfield in October 2020. His teachers described him as a charming, well-behaved youngster who was reputedly shy and seemed melancholic at times.

“In the early days, that would suggest that certainly for Kalinowska, she was thrilled to have her child here with her,” prosecutor Jason Pitter QC said. He told the jury that on New Year’s Eve the defendants had found Sebastian to be a burden on them and they had referred to him as a liar and a truant.

Mr Pitter said: “You can assume it was an effort to legitimize what they could describe as a reason for Sebastian’s punishments. The punishments, if that’s an appropriate way to describe them, were by any stretch of the imagination cruel and became more and more It would seem that the punishments were hastened by such things as Sebastian simply dropping food on his bedroom floor, or even simply going to the toilet during the night,” he added.

Jurors were told that from January 2021, Sebastian’s discipline tightened and that he was deliberately kept away from others, either as part of the method of discipline or to mask the abuse.

According to Mr. Pitter, Latoszewski called 911 at the defendants’ home on August 13 after Sebastian did not answer for nearly two and a half hours. Latoszewski claimed to have discovered Sebastian in the tub with his head submerged, potentially suggesting he had drowned.

The court was told that Sebastian had numerous broken ribs in addition to bruises on his buttocks, forehead, mouth, stomach, arms and legs. Pitter said the suspects’ phones and CCTV systems were seized and analyzed.


Sebastian Kalinowski left his native Poland to start a new life.  Credit: Facebook
Sebastian Kalinowski left his native Poland to start a new life. (Facebook)

Mr Pitter described it as follows: “Together, their contents document the catalog of abuse Sebastian had endured before his death. A broad description is that of Sebastian being attacked, primarily and most severely by Latoszewski, but his mother being implicated repeatedly. It included messages and recordings of conversations in which the defendants spoke of and to Sebastian in the most derogatory and inhumane ways, in the context of a perceived need to punish him, including forcing him to undertake physical and humiliating exercises, even when he was too weak to really do so.”

In the video that was shown to the jury, Latoszewski was seen hitting Sebastian’s rear with what Mr. Pitter claimed was a bed slat. Latoszewski also appears in other videos, whipping Sebastian with an extension cord and doing exercises to stimulate him. Mr Pitter said footage from Latoszewski’s phone also showed him verbally harassing a distressed Sebastian.

According to Mr Pitter, CCTV footage from August 10 last year revealed an assault directed at Sebastian which began at 8.15am and lasted until 4.10pm. Jurors were told that Sebastian was struggling to move but was being restrained so the assault could continue. The defendants’ phone records and CCTV footage show the story of the abuse Sebastian suffered before his death.

Mr Pitter said: “A broad description is that of Sebastian being attacked, primarily and most severely by Latoszewski, but his mother being involved on several occasions. It included messages and recordings of conversations that the defendants were talking about and to Sebastian in the most derogatory and inhuman ways, in the context of a perceived need to punish him,”

“This included forcing him to undertake physical and humiliating exercises, even when he was too weak to really do so,” he concluded.



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