Sifu will get a physical version next year


After Sifu’s new release date and the first hands-on previews, Sloclap announces that Sifu will receive physical editions with additional content.

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Sloclap developed and published independently Sifu recently addressed its previously delayed release date. Now fans are excited to receive the martial arts brawler Sifu to its new date of February 8, 2022.

SifuThe hands-on previews of have been circulating to the public lately along with rave reviews of his hand-to-hand combat. Sloclap now only has to reach “Gold Master” on Sifu with enough polish to make it feel ready to ship. On the contrary, Sloclap shared that there will now be a different edition of Sifu that fans can buy and that can also have a surprise or two.


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Sloclap has announced that it has had the opportunity to make physical edition copies available for PS4 and PS5 through its partnership with Microids. While physical copies may or may not be of interest to fans depending on predetermined biases and preferences about how they choose to consume the games, this is a fun feature that allows purists of physical cases to collect them. . However, it seems that SifuThe physical edition of will not simply be a showcase.

Interestingly, Sloclap’s mention of the “content and output” of the edition seems to suggest that the physical edition will come with some sort of added goodie. Such content could potentially be anything from an official artbook to a collectible Steelbook edition. Independently developed and published titles sometimes like to feature folded maps in the case of a physical edition, although this is less likely to be included in a game that is as purely about the lane-to-lane action as it is. Sifu.

Sifu currently has two editions for purchase with the Standard Digital Edition and a Digital Deluxe Edition, which indeed includes an official artbook, titled “The art of Sifu“, as well as the official soundtrack. The news of a physical edition will certainly get fans excited, though they will have to wait until an undisclosed time this spring to get their hands on a physical copy.” Spring “unfortunately paints a wider exit window than many fans might hope for, as it might get closer to Sifu‘s launch or later.

This doesn’t leave fans much time to decide if they would prefer to purchase the digital copy rather than a physical copy, although whatever the “content” it might be enough of an incentive to encourage fans to purchase one. or even both. Luckily, Sloclap said more news will be available soon, so hopefully fans can make an informed decision about editing soon. Sifu they would like to buy.

Sifu releases February 8, 2022 for PC, PS4, and PS5.

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