[TEASER] Issa Rae’s ‘Rap Sh!t’ Series Coming to HBO Max in July


by Issa Rae Rap shit! The series is coming to HBO Max… next month!

Yesterday the Insecure The designer took to her Instagram to share the news, along with a sixty-second clip of what we can expect for the debut.

Scheduled to hit the streaming platform on July 21, Rap shit! follows two estranged best friends, Shawna and Mia, and their journey to create a music duo.

From the ups and downs of sisterhood to the ins and outs of women in hip-hop, millennial comedy is bound to be as raw and relatable as it comes.

“I think it’s such a unique time in hip-hop, especially when it comes to female rappers, because there’s such an abundance, and it doesn’t feel like they’re all competing against each other. with each other. I’m a kid of the 90s, and there was always a tendency to put two women against each other,” Rae told Harper’s BAZAAR when talking about the upcoming project.. “It feels like we’re in a time where there’s such a supportive environment now because of this abundance. All of that, combined with my own story to come, became the next story I wanted to tell.

The Miami-based show stars writer-producer Aida Osman, who will take on the role of Shawna, and rapper KaMillion, who will portray Mia.

Rap shit!derived from Rae’s original screenplay Insecureis co-produced by City Girls.

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