the best artists to watch in this year’s finale


Wolves singing, a woman angrily washing her hands, a smiling man in a yellow raincoat holding a balloon. Either the new Doctor Who turned out to be much weirder than expected, or it’s the Eurovision 2022 final.

With the second semi-final finished and dusted off, the 20 acts joining Britain’s Sam Ryder and other representatives of the ‘big five’ finalists from Germany, Italy, Spain and France have now been confirmed. And as Eurovision fans hope, it’s a magically mixed bag – with pop, rap and heartfelt flute. And these are only the first two minutes of Ukraine’s entry.

But how do you sort the euro gold from the caterwauling rawness? The 2020 Grand Final begins at 8pm on Saturday May 14 on BBC One. Here’s a (rather) definitive list of 10 songs to watch.

1. Space Man, Sam Ryder (UK)

After beginning his rise to global stardom by making TikTok videos in his hangar — a phrase you couldn’t write until 2022 — Ryder has had a jet-propelled rise and now stands within crooning distance of the European glory. So laid-back it’ll be a surprise he didn’t take to the stage in a four-poster bed, Ryder has won plenty of admirers since arriving in Turin. This is partly due to his cold personality. But also thanks to Space Man a song about “appreciating what you already have in life” which lands as a mix of mindfulness podcast and Take That in ballad mode.


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