Tim Seib of the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET at the Stifel Theater


MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the story of the night Elvis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis had an impromptu jam session at Sun Studios and will perform at the Stifel Theater in St. Louis on September 8, 2022. This production has a connection unique to the Saint-Louis region. It is directed by Webster University Conservatory of Theater Arts graduate Tim Seib.

Tim said it was a happy accident that brought him to Webster University in St. Louis. He had planned to attend another school but was invited by a friend to visit him at Webster. While on campus, he attended some of his classes, and a freshman acting class caught his eye. Tim appreciated how they approached the material in class with another actor, communing with the other actor, paying attention to their body language, and listening to the other actor. By then, Tim was completely addicted to the program. He originally intended to become an actor, but when he graduated, a teacher said, “I think you’re a good actor, but you have a clearer voice as a director.” It was then that he felt compelled to seek out opportunities for achievement.

Today, after directing more than 20 productions, he leads the national tour of the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET. Tim said: “When I was in school I learned that all theater is about extraordinary people and extraordinary circumstances.” He shared that this production has been touring occasionally for more than four years. According to Tim, the production was given a lot of time to solidify and polish the show. He expressed his gratitude for the time he was able to sit down and work on this production. He credits the ability to critically look at a show and make changes to one’s training in college. He said that as a director you have to be open to new ideas. Tim shared, “Collaboration makes a production better when you’re ready to stop, go back, and make the changes needed to make a show better.”

He feels like he grew up during his college years in St. Louis and considers the city a second home. While in Missouri, he learned what it means to be a professional working in theater. The Conservatory’s (Webster University) collaboration with the Repertory Theater in St. Louis allowed students to participate in productions as ensemble or star actors and to engage with New York actors to learn from their experiences.

This led Tim to spend a summer in St. Louis because he had fallen in love with the city itself. That summer allowed him to hone his craft as a director in Forest Park as assistant director for Shakespeare in the Park. During his work at the park, Tim had the opportunity to work on a production of HAMLET with fight choreographer and Yale faculty member Rick Sordelet. Tim credits this experience with giving him the confidence and vocabulary to communicate notes to actors.

Tim thinks audiences will appreciate the charming nostalgia and powerful music of the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET. He mentioned that while most people have heard these songs before this production shows how these four artists improvised that night at Sun Studios and composed the arrangements on location. “The audience will be able to enjoy the electricity of the actors and the music played live directly from the stage,” explains Tim. Most people have a connection to music, but what many don’t know is the Sun Studios story where each of these artists recorded their first music. Tim says, “This show is perfect for anyone who loves music history, trivia, or has ever been caught up in a program behind the type of music.

For more information on the MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET’s nationwide tour to the Stifel Theater on September 8, 2022, visit stifeltheater.com. To purchase tickets, visit ticketmaster.com.


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