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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Warner Music Poland has taken a stake in one of the country’s leading live music companies, concert and festival promoter Big Idea, which focuses on Poland’s burgeoning hip hop scene.

The agreement will result in a number of partnerships between the two companies, including the launch of new festival brands, the expansion of Big Idea’s merchandise business, and the creation of certain NFTs around shows promoted by Big Idea because, well, you know, it’s a thing now, innit?

Generally speaking, the big music rights companies never got heavily involved in the live side of the music industry – even in the 2000s when the record industry was collapsing and live was booming – while the big players in the live industry have generally avoided getting too involved. in music recording and publishing.

However, that’s not to say there hasn’t been a lot of dabbling along the way, and majors sometimes invest in or acquire live music businesses in certain markets, as Warner has done here.

Since labels and promoters sometimes become involved in the merchandise and brand partnership activities of the artists they work with, there is a definite crossover, and therefore investments in live music businesses by majors can lead to interesting collaborations between both sides of the business.

Although, that said, often when majors get involved in live music, those live divisions end up operating quite independently, which means there are fewer label/promoter collaborations than you might think. But perhaps uniting around NFT nonsense is the way to get lasting collaborations between labels and promoters off the ground.

“We are always looking to do more for our artists and this agreement will allow us to do just that,” says Adrian Ciepichał, Managing Director of Warner Music Poland. “We will be collaborating with Big Idea to fuel the success of individual artists and grow the broader local hip-hop scene. I look forward to welcoming new artists to our local roster and helping them find more audiences. wide in Poland and abroad”.

Sławek Ostruszka, CEO of Big Idea, added, “This partnership will help accelerate Big Idea’s growth and benefit the entire hip hop community in Poland. Fans will be able to enjoy even bigger and better shows and more artists will have the opportunity to make a huge impact with fans. As live music emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, it seems like a good time to opt for growth.”

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