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People visit the “Man Ray and Fashion” exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg in Paris, September 23, 2020. Photo: AFP

Man Ray: Dreams, Images, and Love – art exhibition

This exhibition is dedicated to the great figure of modern art Man Ray, who has been recognized as a major contributor to the artistic movements of Surrealism and Dadaism. As an artist and photographer, Ray is known for his distinctive style, influenced by the European avant-garde movement. This exhibition in Beijing will be his largest solo exhibition in Asia to date, showcasing more than 240 pieces, including paintings, sculptures and documents, in an in-depth and detailed exploration of his diverse artistic practice.

Where: M Woods Museum, D-06M 798 arts district, Chaoyang district, Beijing

When: October 1 to January 2

Price: 96 yuan

Le journal d’un fou – play

This play is dedicated to one of China’s most respected intellectuals, Lu Xun, and is directed by Polish director Krystian Lupa, who has been described as “the greatest living European theater director” . The director uses the perspective of a philosopher, psychologist and artist to bring a unique literary interpretation to the Chinese theater scene, as well as a sense of rhythm on dreams. Famous Chinese actors such as Wang Xuebing and Li Longyin star.

Where: Tianqiao Performing Arts Center, Tianqiao Shichang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

When: October 30 to October 31

Price: 280 yuan to 2461 yuan

!To dance! – dance classes

You cannot miss this event if you are a fan of dancing. No need to worry about awkwardness if you can’t catch up with the beat, this dance class is 100% beginner prepared. The dance team will teach you how to choreograph your own freestyle moves so you can let your creativity run wild.

Where: Migu Building, North Xidan Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

When: September 30 to December 20

Price: 50 yuan per person

How to guide and deal with rebellious children – parental salon

The parenting session aims to help parents communicate with their children, especially those with rebellious children. The activity will teach parents techniques for supporting rebellious children and demonstrating compassion and empathy in a way that children can better accept. Professional psychologists will attend the event.

Where: Hanwei Guoji, Building 4 Floor 6, No.170 Nan Sihuanxi Street, Fengtai District, Beijing

When: September 7 to December 5

Price: 30 yuan


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