Women say they will not be ‘ashamed of love’ in LGBT + campaign


Milena and Ola share what it’s like to be part of a rainbow family in Poland in a powerful campaign for LGBT + non-governmental organization MiÅ‚ość Nie Wyklucza. (YouTube / MiÅ‚ość Nie Wyklucza)

A lesbian couple shared their powerful experiences as parents to promote acceptance of queer families as the LGBT + community faces backlash in Poland.

Miłość Nie Wyklucza (Love Does Not Exclude), a non-governmental organization promoting LGBT + rights in Poland, launched its Jesteśmy rodziną (We are a family) to highlight the “rainbow families” living in Poland.

The video series will feature individual families and hopefully promote a better understanding of the queer community, which faces a constant backlash in Poland.

The first video of the campaign features gay couple Milena and Ola and their young boys Tadzik and Edzio who all live in Poland.

The couple first met “13 or 14 years ago” at a music festival, and their relationship blossomed from there.

Milena’s parents “were in shock” when she first told them about her relationship with Ola, a community police officer. She had been “with a man for a dozen years and quite a few years married”, and they “had two children together”.

“They [her parents] I thought it would be quite classic: husband, wife and two children, ”recalls Milena. “Life can be surprising.

Ola’s parents had a similar reaction, but the couple gave them time to adjust. After a few days of silence, Ola’s father called as he prepared for a trip to the store. “How many eggs do you want? ” He asked. It was “as if nothing had happened”.

Today, the couple live happily with their two children and recently had their “best mother’s day”.

Milena described how the “boys have this amazing bond with Ola” and how their son Edzio proudly says “he has two moms”.

Dating as a family, not just as individuals, was a “tough decision” for the couple – but ultimately it was “cathartic and liberating”.

“You’re just going to say, ‘This is my girlfriend and we have kids,’” Milena said. “You confront others about it. “

She continued, “You’re in your face about this. ‘Well, that’s who I am. And if you don’t accept it, just leave it to us. Go away.'”

“It’s just sincerity with yourselves, your children and this relationship… why should you be ashamed of love?”

The NGO behind the video, MiÅ‚ość Nie Wyklucza, stressed that rainbow families “want security and a peaceful future” like everyone else. The group called on people to “help us build a better Poland for all”.

Poland on collision course with EU in LGBT-free areas

Poland has collided with European Union (EU) leaders over its LGBT + community.

Many city and local governments across the country declared regions free from “LGBT ideology” in 2019.

Although the statements are largely symbolic, human rights groups have warned that they could be fueling violence against homosexuals.

After years of criticism from world leaders, human rights groups and the global LGBT + community, the European Commission finally announced in July that it would take action against Poland or against “Poland”. violations of the fundamental rights of LGBTIQ people ”.

Since then, those responsible for Swietokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Malopolskie repealed anti-LGBT + statements.


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